Unfortunate announcement

Hi everyone.

So, I’ve been waiting to write this update because I’ve been trying to see whether my schedule would clear up. I’ve been crazy busy. As most of you know, I recently took a job in Japan, and between the work hours, time zone difference, and after school commitments, I’m finding very little time left in the day to devote to the game. Unfortunately, even after two months, my schedule has remained busy and looks as though it will continue that way at least until the Winter holidays. I’ve always been a believer in ‘real life comes first’, and as much as this pains me, I won’t be able to continue running the rpg. Again, I’m very sorry about this.

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Day 2

Date: September 2nd

Weather: At about 3:00 AM, the light rain that had been drizzling on and off for the past 24 hours turns into a torrent. The rain continues into the day, only letting up around 5:00 PM, and begins again at 7:30 PM.

The day is quiet and rainy. A bomb siren interrupts the quiet at 10:00 AM and again at 2:00 PM.

Evening update to occur in four days.

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Day Change Notice

Day change will happen in three days. Please post the rest of your character’s activities during the day, or any interactions you have had. Around 6PM, a bomb siren will be heard from the center of town, so feel free to react to that.

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Mod note

The openings are looking great folks, and I look forward to the rest of them! Please make sure to post any logs or scenes you’ve been doing in AIM or Google Docs in your Tumblr. I’ll be posting a notice when the game days will be changing so that you will have plenty of time to get your openings posted or post ‘place savers’ for your logs before the day change.

As always, any questions can be sent over email, ask box, or AIM.

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Day 1

Date: September 1st

Weather: Overcast, about 55°F with dark, heavy clouds overhead that suggest rain.

Your character wakes up alone in the abandoned town of Haven, Kansas. Upon waking, they find themselves in the following locations:

Sam: In the kitchen of a battered and worn house, obviously the scene of some past violence. Claw marks mar the inside of the house, and while the linoleum is generally filthy, there are several stains of what is unmistakably blood. Northwest side of town, .5 mile from town center.

Dean: In a field along the rusted and broken remains of a fence. The field looks fallow, most of the plant life brown and wilted and the few plants that have managed to grow are either weeds or sickly looking stalks of corn. There is a farm house and a barn in the distance. Northwest side of town, 3 miles from town center.

Bobby: In town hall. The hallways are deserted with minor damage, mostly windows to offices broken, and the main desk has been emptied, fliers for the town festival littering the ground, yellowed with age. The main hall is boarded up from the inside with the windows inside having been blocked as well. No sound comes from inside. Center of town.

Castiel: In a small grocery store. The windows have been smashed and it looks as though the store was looted. The cans and boxes of food that remain are dusty, the labels faded. Outside is the town square, quiet and empty. The stores lining the main street are all similarly destroyed, with a few at the end looking burned out, as though a fire broke out and gutted them before it could be stopped. Center of town.

Crowley: In the basement of a home on the outskirts of town. The basement is damp, moldy, and nearly pitch black. It smells vaguely like a carcass might have been festering down there for quite some time, and there are small sounds in the darkness, of something skittering around. North side of town, 1 miles from town center.

Gabriel: In a rusted out car in the parking lot of the town pharmacy. The car has obviously not been used for a while (at least not as anything other than a rodent nest) and while the keys are in the ignition, the car does not start. There are other cars parked nearby and the pharmacy ahead looks as though the doors had been barricaded shut before something crashed through. East side of town, .2 miles from town center.

Meg: In the town hardware store. This store has also been severely looted, with most tools that one could turn into weapons gone. Road salt is also in low supply, along with anything iron. Some items remain, though very few. A car has been crashed into the front of the store, possibly blocking the entrance, and there is a trail of dried, brown blood leading from the accident to behind a cash register. West side of town, .3 miles from town center.

Casey: Inside a park. The area was once quite nice, with a fountain and a playground. The playground is in ill repair, both swings broken (one with the seat snapped in two, the other has one side fallen, the chain dragging on the ground). The slide is rusted, and weeds have grown over the woodchips. The fountain has been smashed, the top tier lying in the dry basin, this structure also overgrown with weeds. There are dozens of stumps littering the park, apparently once a lush tree cover, but now having been chopped down for one reason or another. Center of town.

Sarah: In a preschool. Toys and small furniture is scattered around the small in home preschool, a few finger-painted pictures still line the wall, the paper brown and curled in. The house is eerily quiet, empty, and all doors and windows are boarded up from the inside. Whoever was occupying this house, however, is nowhere to be found…and neither is how they managed to get out. Northwest side of town, .2 miles from town center.

Balthazar: Inside a church. Given the size of the church, it was obviously a small congregation. The pews have been overturned, and the crucifix over the pulpit has fallen. The stench of old sweat and decay is still heavy in the air, despite the deserted feel of the building. There are guns scattered about the church, none of them with any ammunition left, and bullet holes mar the walls. The two main windows in the church have been broken, and leaves have been blown in, the floor littered with them. South side of town, .2 miles from town center.

Jody: On the roof of the town library. From this viewpoint, the extent of the town’s devastation is evident. Whole sections of the city has been burned to cinders, while others, though still standing, have either been boarded up or broken into. The stairs to the main floor of the library are undamaged, and the door in unlocked. The library, however, has been used as a source of fuel, if the ripped up pages and scorched book covers are any indication. Center of town.

Uriel: Inside of a barn. The roof has been caved in, possibly by the weather, possibly by something else. There are no animals in the barn (apart from some rodents and perhaps a stray cat), though there is a large pile of animal bones in one of the horse stalls, picked completely clean. There are some tools scattered around, but they are all rusted over and cracked or broken, except for one shovel.  Northwest side of town, 3 miles from town center.

Chuck: In the town’s local clinic. The place is a disaster, blood stains covering most surfaces, and most furniture is overturned or broken. There are deep claw marks in the walls, and the door looks like it has once been barred before being smashed open by a great deal of force. Most medical supplies have been looted, but some gauze, sutures, alcohol, and a few other items remain. East side of town, .4 miles from town center.

Patrick: In the police station. It is a small, three room police station with one drunk tank/holding cell. The windows are shuttered and the station looks fairly intact, considering the surrounding buildings. There are salt lines around the doors, windows, and vents, none of them disturbed. All doors have been barred from the inside and there is no sign of the former occupants. The weapons room (marked as such by the sign on the door) is locked tight. Northeast side of town, .1 miles from town center

Michael: Behind the local gas station. This area looks particularly ravaged, and there are signs of a large explosion taking place. The actual gas station is partially burned and an overturned tanker lies nearby, the source of the destruction. Inside of the burned out station, there is a door with a few display stands pushed against it. The door is cracked and battered, looking as though something was fighting against it to get out. The display stands have been pushed back slightly, enough for the door to smack against them occasionally when the wind blows in through the shattered windows, making a loud banging sound in the silence of the town. Southwest side of town, .7 miles from town center.

Bela: In a high school classroom. The desks have been overturned, some piled up near the door, but given the broken window, to the outside, it doesn’t seem to have done much good. The school is empty and nearly rotted out, immense water damage coming from several holes in the roof. Stepping outside, it is easy to see the rear of the school, which is flattened. It’s possible a tornado hit given the magnitude of the destruction, and several homes town the road are similarly crushed into rubble. North side of town, .4 miles from town center.

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An update

Good news, everybody! My internet is being fixed on the morning of September the 2nd, so the game is go. Also, I realized that with the time difference my September the 2nd is your September the 1st. So, since I have September the 2nd off, I’m going to go ahead and bump the start date to September the 1st.

Lastly, with regards to your opening posts, the game will start with a day update that states where your character has woken up. Please allow some flexibility/be prepared to edit your posts to include these details. Thank you guys for your patience and I look forward to playing with you this weekend!

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snarkyandbritish said: for those of us that are going to be at dragon*con over the 2nd (i think there are 3 of us? or just 2?) can we have an exception to come in AFTER labor day? There's just no access to internet and no time to do anything in a room besides sleep for 2 hrs. Thanks!!

There shouldn’t be a problem for those attending DragonCon, as game days last at least five days, and this first game day will probably last at least a week. Feel free to start your character’s reactions when you get back from the con! And have fun!

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fashionarthunter-deactivated201 said: Hey! Just want to get a small clarification. Are we waking up in the city we were in last? Does it matter where it was? Just making sure since Sarah's from New Paltz, NY which is above the snow line.

Nope, you are all waking up in an unknown city in Kansas!

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Anonymous said: Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is SoulPad?

Q: How are you incorporating tumblr posts?
A: Basically, shortly after arriving our characters discover a network in place, presumed to have been set up by survivors before everyone was wiped out. This database is accessed by jerry-rigged communication devices (slang term is ‘soulpad’), of which there are many scattered about any decent sized town or city. It will be easy for your character to find one, or make one from scavenged parts if they’re decent with tech.

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Also, holy crap

Tumblr has not been sending me any askbox notifications. I’ll get back to you all before I leave for training!

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